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11 Easy Dim Sum You Can Make at Home

EB tiger prawn roll dim sum at home

Groups of family and friends traditionally enjoy Dim Sum dishes over long brunches, followed by piping hot teas. Steamed, baked, and fried dumplings, bite-sized meats, steamed buns, spring rolls, rice and noodle meals, and fluffy desserts are among the most common Dim Sum dishes. You can serve them in no particular order, and the fun is to share the various dishes and enjoy a variety of tastes. 

Below are 11 Dim Sum dishes you can make at home:

These dishes can easily be cooked at home, especially when you have all the necessary ingredients in your kitchen. Reach out to your frozen Dim Sum supplier in Malaysia, EB Frozen food to get all the needed ingredients.

1. Tiger Prawn Roll

The Tiger Prawn Roll is generously packed with giant tiger prawn completely covered in crispy bean curd skin made of high soybean protein non-GMO. The fillings are full of fresh tiger prawn meat with a luscious flavour, giving every bite a tasty and flavorful sensation! 

Tiger Prawn Roll 250g

2. Siu Mai (Steamed Dumplings)

At dim sum houses, Siu Mai dumplings are a favourite, and one of the best Chinese dumplings to make at home. The tasty filling of meat, plump pink shrimp, mushrooms, scallions, and ginger is shaped with the top left open to allow the savoury filling within a wonton wrapper to peek out. For quick removal of dumplings, be sure to line your steamer basket with parchment paper.

Golden Crispy Prawn Cake

3. Golden Crispy Prawn Cake

This Golden Crispy Prawn Cake is delicious, made with quality crispy breadcrumbs and generously packed with large chunks of prawn meat and some crunch of water chestnut. The outer skin is made using 100% non-GMO soybean protein, which is so nutritious. It’s easy and convenient to cook from frozen, deep-fry or air-fry to perfect golden colour.

4. Char Siu Bao (Chinese Steamed Buns)

Steamed buns, enclosed in light and fluffy yeast dough, are savoury, sweet, rich barbecued meat, making them a favourite full Dim Sum meal. It is easy to prepare the dough for these Chinese-style meat buns, but ensure that you give enough time for the dough to rise twice. For fast re-heating at mealtime, you can also steam them ahead and freeze.

5. Squid Prawn Cake

For your Dim Sum Series, the Squid Prawn Cake is a healthy choice. It is cooked with deep-sea squid, well combined with a large chunk of premium prawn meat completely covered with crispy breadcrumbs of high quality. These crunchy cakes are nutritious and delicious.

Squid Prawn Cake dim sum

6. Paper-Wrapped Chicken

Sweet, fragrant, and cooked through, tender, marinated chicken breast chunks, mushrooms, and scallions are folded into parchment paper envelopes, and deep-fried. Fry the packets in batches, let the finished packets drain and serve them unopened so that your visitors can enjoy the pleasure of unwrapping this delicious yumminess.

7. Dim Sum Shrimp Toast with Water Chestnuts

Thrill your dim sum guests with scrumptious, open-faced fried shrimp and vegetable sandwiches. To stop them getting soggy when deep-fried, use a crusty bread for this recipe, such as country loaf or French baguette, and pre-bake the bread slices as recommended on the pack. At the top, for a nice presentation, you can add some toasted sesame seeds. 

8. Vegetarian Wontons

Delight vegetarians at your dim sum table with this recipe for delicious, deep-fried veggie wontons that makes enough to serve a crowd. A combination of fluffy mashed tofu and crunchy Chinese vegetables, deep-fried until golden and crispy, is packed with Wonton wrappers. For dipping, serve with soy sauce. 

Shrimp Wonton Product Packaging

9. Shrimp Wontons

The next mouthwatering dim sum is so simple to cook! Made with fresh whole prawn and wrapped in signature wonton pastry, the shrimp wonton tastes tender and juicy and is perfect for this Chinese New year. It comes together with a savoury mushroom seasoning sachet for hassle-free preparation, and is best served when it’s steaming hot!

10. Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

This simple and easy fried rice recipe adds its deeply sweet taste to Chinese sausage, making great use of leftover cooked rice and making a child-pleasing weeknight dish. This nutritious and luscious dish is full of sausage chunks, scrambled eggs, frozen peas, shredded carrot, rice, oyster sauce, and soy sauce. 

11. Har Gow (Chinese Steamed Shrimp Dumplings)

Without these famous steamed shrimp dumplings, no dim sum experience will be complete. Sweet shrimp with mild Chinese vegetables are nestled between transparent wrappers, offering a tease for the senses. When working with the thin, stretchy dough, cover the hands, tools, and work surface with a thin vegetable oil coating to prevent it from sticking.

In a Nutshell

Enjoy these delicious dim sum recipes you can make at home, whether you want to create your own Instagram-worthy dim sum party or create some tasty, nutritious series. Happy eating! 

For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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Shrimp Wonton Packaging

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Golden Crispy Prawn Cake

Golden Crispy Prawn Cake

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crispy friend chicken wonton

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Fish Finger 500g

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Crispy golden breadcrumb filled with premium fish meat. Super crispy from outside and juicy soft from inside. An easy yet delicious finger food that empty plates guaranteed!
Fish Chip 500g

Fish Chip

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Tiger Prawn Roll-250G

Tiger Prawn Roll

Outer skin specially made by Non-GMO soy bean from Canada and generously filled with big chunk of quality giant tiger prawn meat. Full of crispiness and aromatic flavour.