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15 Quick and Easy Snack Ideas When Working from Home

Snack Ideas When Working from Home

A snack is never far away when you work from home (especially if your kitchen table is also your work table). Time management is essential as you work via Zoom meetings and phone conversations while attempting to fit in some family time. Snacks might assist you with time management because they’re simple to prepare and can keep you filled until your next meal.

We’re not talking about sweet, calorie-dense foods that cause you to gain weight. Some of the quick and easy snacks and freezer staples you can consume without being away from your work desk for too long. 

In this post, we are pleased to present to you some simple snack ideas to keep you occupied when working from home.

1. Seafood Bean Curd Rolls

Surimi mixture with superior bean curd skin is wrapped in a roll to make this tasty snack. It has a flavorful and fragrant taste that goes well with steamboat. This crunchy, delectable, and petite snack is a must-have if you need something to munch on while working from home. It includes all nine necessary amino acids and is high in protein. It’s also a good source of iron and calcium and the minerals manganese, phosphorus, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

2. Nuts

Dry fruits may be used as a snack and beneficial to a healthy metabolism and appetite suppression. As a result, a nutritional intake of dry fruits and nuts is required. So, even if you work from home, be sure to include almonds, dates, and dried grapes, as well as two or three cashews. Nuts provide several health benefits. Weight reduction may also be aided by consuming a tiny amount of nuts each day. 

3. Fish Bean Curd Rolls

The fish bean curd roll’s smooth and flavorful fish paste is gently enveloped in outstanding bean curd skin. It has the potential to become your all-time favourite steamboat ingredient. This crunchy and juicy fish bean curd roll is so delicious that each mouthful will leave you craving for more. This snack is also a perfect ingredient for steamboat. 

4. Shishamo

EB Food Shishamo is made with fish roe, which is high in protein and low in calories. It provides many nutritional benefits that keep your body healthy. It’s a great snack that keeps you full and stops hunger pangs so you can concentrate on work.


eb frozen food shishamo

5. Lobster Balls

Premium fish meat and delicious fish roe are used to make the Lobster Ball. It has a springy texture and a lightly sweet flavor, elevating the essential components to a new level of seafood deliciousness. This snack is high in protein, DHA, minerals, and vitamins. As you work from home, lobster balls can be a terrific snack. They’re packed with fish flesh and flavor, and they can be steamed rapidly to make delectable nibbles you’ll adore. 

6. Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are nonperishable food rich in protein, fibre, and various vitamins and minerals. Chickpeas provide 5 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein every half cup. Furthermore, they contain the majority of the amino acids your body requires, making their protein superior to that of other legumes. Vacuum Fried Tangy Chickpeas are an incredible pleasure that is both healthy and low in calories. 

7. Crab Stick Rolls

The Crab Stick Roll is a stick-shaped roll made with quality crab sticks and Itoyori fish flesh inside and fresh yuba skin on the outside. It’s a nutritious and addictive snack with a crispy and elastic feel. The Crab Stick Roll has various benefits due to its primary ingredient (Itoyori Surimi), including high protein content, low lipid, extremely low cholesterol, lucid content, quick absorption, and an elastic texture. Snacking on this while you’re at work is a terrific way to keep your mouth occupied. 

Shrimp Wonton Product Packaging

8. Shrimp Wontons

Shrimp is an excellent ingredient for various dishes, and they taste even better in wontons. Fresh whole prawns are used to make EB Food Shrimp Wontons and it comes in a mushroom sachet. It could be a great addition to your hotpot, but the EB Food Shrimp Wonton allows you to be creative. Eat it whatever way you choose, whether it’s as a main course or a snack. Regardless of the way you eat it, it provides you with fantastic nutrients.  

9. Seed Crackers + any dip/spread

Seed crackers are a crisp, delicious, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, paleo, and vegan homemade cracker recipe. They’re made with flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds and are perfect for snacking. Seed crackers are a favourite among many health enthusiasts since they’re high in protein and healthy fats. For added flavour, serve with whatever dip or spread you choose, or eat them on their own. 

10. Chicken Rolls

The Cheese Chicken Roll is made with clean diced chicken flesh wrapped in Fuzhuk bean curd skin rich in natural spices and flavoring. The snack is available in three flavors: original, cheese, and salted egg, all of which will pique your interest. This snack may also be served as an exquisite two-person meal or for other special occasions. The cheese filling is delicious and complements the sweet and spicy tastes beautifully. It’s a nutrient-dense snack that’s also visually appealing. 

11. Squid Prawn Cakes

The Squid Prawn Cake comprises deep-sea squid and a large portion of premium prawn meat, all of which are thoroughly wrapped in high-quality crispy breadcrumbs. The snack is tasty and healthful at the same time. It includes a crunchy sandwich bread layer and a savory squid cake layer. The squid prawn cake is bursting with a seafood taste. As you work from home, the squid prawn cake on toast is a fast and enjoyable snack. You may even make a large batch in a short period giving you more time to focus on your work. 

EB Frozen Food Squid Prawn Cake

12. Hard-Boiled Eggs with Avocado

Hard-boiled eggs and creamy avocado slices can be combined in a dish for a highly nutritious and fast lunch that’s high in protein, healthy fats, and fibre. This dish is high in good fats, which will keep you satisfied for many hours. Hard-boiled eggs are abundant in protein and also contain beneficial lipids. Garnish with your favourite toppings and serve. 

13. Tiger Prawn Roll

The outer shell of Tiger Prawns Roll is made using Non-GMO soybean and liberally packed with premium gigantic tiger prawn flesh for this delectable snack. The crispiness and fragrant flavor abound in this snack. Every mouthful provides you with a delightful and enticing experience because of its crispiness and exquisite taste. Its nutrients, in addition to the great flavor, keep you satisfied and healthy. 

EB Frozen Food Cheese Finger

14. Cheese Fingers

The first bite starts with a wonderfully crunchy outside layer, quickly followed by an unexpectedly soft, gooey, and cheesy center. The inner cheese content will melt in your tongue, while the crispy coating provides a delicious bite. It’s an excellent appetizer for gatherings or snacks when you’re at home working. They’re popular as a snack and for adding to fast cheese boards or lunch boxes. You may also prepare them ahead of time and save them for later. 

15. Popcorn

Popcorn is a fibre-rich and protein-rich whole grain snack. The nice part about popcorn is that you can satisfy your hunger with a range of flavors. Popcorns with flavors, ranging from butter to Piri Piri masala, may make your snacking even more enjoyable. Popcorn will not only delight your taste buds as you work from home, but its gluten-free composition will also make it an ideal binge-worthy joy. 

In a Nutshell

These healthy snacks are ideal for munching on while working from home. They’re also simple to make so that they won’t take too much of your working time. Some, particularly those from EB Foods, may be steamed and are perfect for steamboat.

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Tempura Chicken Nugget

Made with chicken breast meat and coated with delightful crispy tempura batter, comes
with all the crispiness & juiciness you need! It serves as a perfect complement to your favourite sides or as a snack on the go!

Shrimp Wonton Packaging

Shrimp Wonton with Mushroom Seasoning

Filling with juicy whole shrimp and wrapped in signature wonton pastry. It comes together with special made mushroom seasoning sachet. Tenderness & Juicy guaranteed!

Fresh Soy Stick 110g

Kyoto Yuba

Rich in soy aroma which brings out the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. Made with carefully-selected Non-GMO soybean which is nutrient-dense. Limitless culinary possibility, suitable to pair with any dishes or just eating it plain! Soaking is not required, easy and convenient!
Golden Crispy Prawn Cake

Golden Crispy Prawn Cake

Made by premium crispy breadcrumbs and filled with chunk of fresh prawn meat which resulted in a taste of deeply layered flavors. Having one bite brings you a multitude of texture experience.
Steamboat 5 in 1 500g

Steamboat 5 in 1

Deliciously convenient fantastic steamboat combination. Come with Cheese Tofu, Fish Sandwich, Seafood Tofu, Fish Ball,and Seafood Beancurd Roll, 5 types of popular premium quality steamboat dishes for you to have all at once!
EB_Shishamo 500g


Specially made with Itoyori fish meat and full of smoothness fish roes! Taste flavourful and springy especially serve with steamboat.
Seafood Tofu 500G

Seafood Tofu

The tofu comes with smoothness and a springy texture that further enhanced by seafood flavor. An ideal choice as a steamboat side.
Sossy Series Salted Egg

Chicken Roll
(Salted Egg)

Clean diced chicken meat that wraps with “Fuzhuk” bean curd skin, riches with natural spices and flavouring that bring you the juiciest bite.

Come in 3 distinctive flavours: original, cheese and salted egg that will definitely stimulate your taste buds.

Sossy Series Cheese

Chicken Roll (Cheese)

Clean diced chicken meat that wrap with “Fuzhuk” bean curd skin, riches with natural spices and flavouring that bring you the juiciest bite. Come in 3 distinctive flavors: original, cheese and salted egg that will definitely stimulate your taste buds.
crispy friend chicken wonton

Crispy Fried Chicken Wonton

Tender wrappers stuffed with premium chicken meat, simply deep fried to crispy golden brown perfection. Crispy and crunchy bring every bite irresistibly delicious.
Sossy Series Original

Chicken Roll (Original)

Clean diced chicken meat that wrap with “Fuzhuk” bean curd skin, riches with natural spices and flavouring that bring you the juiciest bite. Come in 3 distinctive flavors: original, cheese and salted egg that will definitely stimulate your taste buds.
Cheese Finger-500g

Cheese Finger

The cheese filling inside will simply melt within your mouth and the crispy coat give you an amazing bite. It’s a perfect appetizer for parties or great as snacks!
Fish Finger 500g

Fish Finger

Crispy golden breadcrumb filled with premium fish meat. Super crispy from outside and juicy soft from inside. An easy yet delicious finger food that empty plates guaranteed!
Fish Chip 500g

Fish Chip

Made by quality fish meat and premium breadcrumbs, tastes crispy and delicious! It can be deep-fried, baked in the oven or grilled!
Tiger Prawn Roll-250G

Tiger Prawn Roll

Outer skin specially made by Non-GMO soy bean from Canada and generously filled with big chunk of quality giant tiger prawn meat. Full of crispiness and aromatic flavour.