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10 Tips to Get Your Kitchen Prepared for Ramadan

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Muslims look forward to Ramadan because it is a time when they strive to do more ibadah and good deeds.

Except for those who know how to make their kitchens so that making Iftar is easy for them, every day in Ramadan can be hard for Muslim women due to the amount of work they have.

Keeping high spirituality and Ibadah on track while working full-time as housewives and mothers, caring for children and household chores, and preparing meals for the family to enjoy breaking the fast together can be difficult during this season.

At the end of the day, Muslim wives find themselves in the kitchen, preparing Iftar, deserts, and drinks and snacks for the children.

We’ll share ten tips for preparing your kitchen for Ramadan in this post so you can have the time to concentrate on other aspects of the season.

1. The Basics

Clean your kitchen and refrigerator thoroughly, getting rid of everything that you don’t need to make room for the months’ worth of food.

Prepare various ingredients for meals throughout the week so that you only have to complete the final steps of combining the ingredients each day.

For instance, prepare a sufficient supply of onions, garlic, and tomato sauce in the refrigerator; wash and season the halal frozen chicken and meat product; make some hibiscus-flavoured beverages and store them in the refrigerator.

2. Prepare a Grocery List

Make a list of everything you’ll need for the month and buy everything in one or two trips. For example, if you’ll cook some halal frozen food, frozen halal dim sum series, etc. write them down.

Don’t overspend and try to be as cost-effective as possible.

3. Shop (online) in Large Quantities

Don’t go overboard with this. For instance, only buy fruits and vegetables when they’re needed to avoid spoilage.

Halal frozen chicken products, rice, pasta, (pita) bread, oil, and spices are all items that you should stock up on.

Make a list of the different kinds of meat you’ll need for each meal, as well as the quantities of each. Freeze and label everything once you’ve purchased it.

Also, shopping online and having food items delivered to your home will save you time and stress. You can buy everything online from halal dim sum dishes to halal frozen chicken products.

4. Prioritize Your Tasks

Start with the most basic tasks and work your way down to the ones that are less important to you.

5. Establish a Checklist

Put both basic and extracurricular activities on this list. This will serve as both a reminder and an alert if you have too many or too few tasks on your list.

6. Make a Plan Ahead of Time for the Meals you Want to Prepare

Make a schedule for each meal and stick to it. To avoid having to hunt for specific ingredients, keep them in cupboards and on shelves that are easy to reach.

Prepare some dishes ahead of time and freeze them if you’re going to have them more than once. This saves time, allowing you to spend more time worshiping.

7. Make Advance Arrangements for Family Visits

If you don’t plan ahead, inviting friends to Iftar can be a lot of work. Prepare quick and easy meals like the frozen halal dim sum dishes. If possible, prepare some or all of the foods a day ahead of time for the visit.

If possible, have someone assist you with food preparation, lifting, and dishwashing, and if you have children, encourage them to assist you.

8. Make Use of Any Leftovers You May Have

Never throw food away; instead, try to repurpose leftovers or give them to the less fortunate.

In order to discipline one’s food intake, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) would break his fast with dates, milk, and a light meal.

Simplify your diet. Drink soup, and for dessert, eat fruit. It’s better for your health and cuts down on time spent in the kitchen.

9. Clean the Kitchen As You Cook

Clean while you cook to avoid a mess after you leave the kitchen during Ramadan. This month’s most significant element is time.

10. Appointments and Visits Should be Scheduled

If at all possible, avoid unnecessary outings and set specific times. Make it clear to your family and friends that Ramadan is a special time for you, and that you would prefer to devote more time to prayers and related activities than to going out.

All in All

Make sure you’re getting enough nutrients in your diet. Healthy eating will provide you with the energy you need to work, pray, and perform your other responsibilities.

As much as possible, avoid eating junk food and foods high in fats; this type of diet will make you sleepy and lazy and pose a health risk.

It’s also vital to get some rest. For you to be able to complete the month at the same pace, you’ll need enough sleep hours.

That’s the 10 tips that can help to ease your work in preparing your kitchen for Ramadan.

We from EB Food wish you a happy Ramadan!

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